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Wonder Woman & Her Apprentice

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

On May 3rd, I published a blog post highlighting the photoshoot we did with Columbia Heights Mayor Amáda Simula Marquez dressed as Wonder Woman. The purpose of the shoot was to have some pictures to gift young Haley who had just gone into remission after three years of fighting cancer. When Haley began her journey, the hospital staff began to call her "Wonder Woman" because she was so brave. When Haley saw Amáda dressed as Wonder Woman in a Pride parade recently, the bond was made.

Yesterday, Amáda, Haley, Haley's aunt & cousin, and I went on a tour of Columbia Heights so that Haley could begin her apprentice training as Wonder Woman. Scroll through this long blog post and enjoy the deep joy that we all experienced yesterday with Mayor Amáda and Wonder-Woman-in-Training Haley. We began by exploring Kordiak Park, meeting the locals. Then we headed to the 49th St bridge, then to the fire station. After that, we popped in to the theater, library, and finally... DAIRY QUEEN!

Meeting for the first time at Kordiak Park.

They met some CoHi citizens whom they promised to protect.

A brief break at the park, but still making hero plans.

PROUD of Columbia Heights

I feel safer knowing she'll be in charge.

On the top of the 49th St bridge between Savers & Walgreens

Checking each others' grit.

Then we stopped at the Fire Station & met the womxn firefighters!

Firefighter Emily made a HARD sell for Haley to consider firefighting

Turning the knobs on the firetruck. I trust her.

Proud of our womxn firefighters!

Got to meet all these wonderful womxn of CoHi!

Sleep well, CoHi. They've got our back.

Shmoozing with the firefighters.

Capturing a moment of glee.

A short break in the middle of the hustle & bustle of the station

Another glee face :)

Learning ALL about firefighting from the amazing Emily!

Heroes need help, too.


Taking a look around the truck with Wonder Woman.

We get the job done... even in heels.

Fear not, CoHi.

The Station gave Haley her own CoHi firefighter hat!

I was never really sure who was looking up to whom.

Then we headed to the theater. All was well there.

A brief stop at the library
And NOW... some ice cream to celebrate an evening of training!
Holding hands... they were killing me. Too cute.

She ordered a banana split. LOL

Like I said, heroes need help, too.

A few last bites & headed home to rest. Fight on, Haley.

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