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"We Demand a Special Session to Rein in the Cops!"

This afternoon I attended a protest at the Minnesota Governor's Mansion hosted by nearly a dozen different organizations. They all demand that Governor Walz call a special session of the legislature to specifically address police reform.

From their event:

"The MN legislature ended their special session without passing any legislation to rein in the police.

*We DEMAND a special session.

--Walz needs to call a special session

--The legislature needs to meet until they pass legislation to rein in the cops

--Stop taking direction from the MPPOA (cop lobby)

*We DEMAND real legislation.

Much of what the house proposed wasn't worth the paper it was written on and some was downright harmful.

--Extend the statute of limitations for wrongful death

--Ban "warrior-style" training!

--Create an independent agency to investigate and prosecute killings by cops (not the BCA!, not the Attorney General!)

--Empower real civilian oversight

--Require professional liability insurance for cops"

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