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Visiting Kansas City

Last weekend I went on a roadtrip with my friend Drew to Kansas City to see my friend Dr. Darrel Ray and his girlfriend. And before you ask, no we didn't eat any barbecue. I swear, I was in a line for it and everything when I decided, nah, I don't feel like it. Judge me if you must. I'm okay with it. However, did lots of other fun stuff. Enjoy!

delicious soup made by Dr. Ray's gf

downtown KC

2 in 1

Messenger Café

we ALL have shadows.... dang.

the rooftop of Messenger Café

bird's eye view of beer from Boulevard Brewery

make you sweat!

some kind of important building that does theater stuff


Drew... it says "do not"

more shadows...

looks extraterrestrial

Drew took this, I edited.

Drew took this; I edited.

Drew took this; I edited

Not sure who took this, but good job!
sample pic I took when teaching Drew how to shoot

We got to visit the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence & take a pic at this rainbow crosswalk!


Amelia, Dr. Ray's best friend

She likes eggs.

Almost didn't flag this for editing; then ... changed my mind

old ass car,... but not that old, geologically speaking

SUPER cool lamp

weird café/car museum

At least they're pun'y

reflections and shadows... i'm all about it

Darrel telling that story about his painting in his dining room.

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