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Throwback... Friday?

Sharing a post I published today on Instagram and Facebook.

I'm late for #ThrowBackThursday but I run my own business, I do what I want. I declare today Thursday. Deal with it.

Today's throwback is an selfie I took on ... I dunno... my Panasonic?? in 2006, I think. I was at a campfire with friends. I found that if I took a selfie, I got these flame effects which I deeply enjoyed. Is this a "good" picture? I dunno. Maybe? No? Part of the reason for throwback images that I've taken myself is to illustrate growth in one's art. In this picture, I see in me (from 14 years ago) a playfulness, a creativity, a silliness, and, most importantly, a connection with myself that told me that I LOVE this picture. That is what art is for me. In the not so recent past, I gave up on being the company and the artist that everyone wants. Now I just follow my own intuition for what I find compelling, not needing for it to be compelling to anyone else AND celebrating the art others make, even if I'm not compelled by it. It's a beautiful nuance and tension that I think this world is all about.

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