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Such a Photogenic Date

Keith and I went on a photography date on May 24th. Was it a good date? Yes. Would I have preferred to be at Dr. Darrel Ray's Memorial Day party in Kansas City? Yes. Is COVID19 still a thing? Yes. So,... photography date. Keith and I went to the Lyndale Rose Garden in Minneapolis. I had never been to the place, so it kind of elicited the much missed feeling of geographical novelty that I last felt when traveling with Dave Warnock. This time I did remember to bring the two macro extension tubes which were a LOT of fun to play with.

I also ran into a family who was celebrating Eid al-Fitr (the end of Ramadan). They asked me if I would take a picture of their family. Honored, I agreed. They'll be emailing me this week to get the pictures I took on my camera. Once they do, I'll see if they agree to me sharing their images and perhaps getting a story from them, too! Stay tuned for that possibility!... In the meantime, enjoy these pics I took... but also, also, stay tuned for some blog posts from Keith. I released him into the wilderness with a camera... I am not responsible for him after that.

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