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Student & Community Vigil for Daunte Wright

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

On Friday evening, I attended the "Student & Community Vigil for Duante Wright" as a volunteer photographer. The event link is here. The description is quoted below:

"Our young people and our community knew Daunte Wright and his family and we are gathering for a peaceful vigil in Kordiak Park (near the Heights High School) for a Vigil.

There will be a few speakers and then a silent walk around the park in honor of Daunte Wright, his family, and all our grieving community. A group of Heights teachers, Superintendent Zena Stenvik and Mayor Amada Marquez Simula are working together to facilitate this as a safe all ages event. So many in our community, who are struggling to find words big enough to hold our grief, pain, and frustration from the recent killing of Daunte Wright. Daunte was a 20 year old black man who was killed by a Brooklyn Center Police Officer this week. Daunte was a former Columbia Heights student. He was a young man with a child, a family, friends. So many in our community are heartbroken over his death.

This tragedy comes while so many of us are carrying the heavy burden of the trial of Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd. We want to help our community grieve and process the deep hurt we are experiencing."

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