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Remembrance of Philando Castile

I'm going on a roadtrip on Thursday, so I'm trying to cut down my exposure to large groups cuz apparently there's still a pandemic. So today the only event I attended was the "Remembrance of Philando Castile Rally", hosted by 21 different groups. There were a number of amazing and powerful speakers, including Valerie Castile, mother of Philando Castile. Per the event's description:

"July 6, 2020 marks the fourth anniversary of when Philando Castile was murdered by Saint Anthony Police in Falcon Heights. Join us as we honor and remember Philando Castile’s life. Everyone is welcome! There will be speakers, along with opportunities to register to vote and signing petitions. Food and refreshments included as well. Join us on the streets of Saint Anthony (Silver Lake Rd & 33rd) as we come together to fight for justice. Thank you.

Venmo @ semhars_

Cashapp $emhars

Proceeds will be going to the Philando Castile Relief Foundation and supplies for the rally!

Also, if you could sign the petition below for making a mural of Philando Castile on the south wall of SA City Hall/PD that would be much appreciated!



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