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I am grateful to have been educated in the last couple of days to how my photography of the protests has been exploitative of black trauma and that my posts were overly focused on the discomfort of unpacking white privilege. It wasn't right of me to do that. I have removed my previous posts from here and my other social media platforms and I will be finding more intentional spaces to work through my perpetrator trauma (a term I just learned from Racism Recovery Center). My conscious goal is always to support equality from within my own psychology and also extending out to society. So I am refocusing, no pun intended. I don't want to go radio silent on the subject. I'm tossing around a few ideas of how I might offer my help without capitalizing off of it such as volunteering to photograph events for organizations, only if invited, and giving them all the images for their use and me not publishing any here. That seems a lot more ethical, helpful, and non-exploitative. Another idea could be to do a written interview with a BIPOC (black, indigenous, person of color) photographer on my blog. I dunno. Still kicking things around, but definitely going to focus on getting more educated first. My sincere apologies to those who saw "it" before it was brought to my attention and were hurt. I am committed for life to doing better and growing.

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