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Queers, Beers, & Allies!

Last week, my friend Kiki invited me to a local "Queers, Beers, & Allies" event at Forgotten Star Brewery. "This a FREE event being co-hosted by Queer Impact Collective and Allied Financial Group at Thrivent in an effort to build a community of like-minded, local queer-identifying folks and allies as well as provide education on financial wellness!" I had an amazing time. I attended as a guest but had already asked Kiki if he wanted me to bring my camera,... which he did. Kiki's words resonated deep within me, talking about growing up in subcultures and major cultures that direct our sense of Self to be projected on external things and what it's like to begin to own and trust your sense of Self. It's everything I tend to talk about with others and I felt a deep sense of belonging in this pro-Self group. LOVED getting to meet a bunch of other folx like Megs, Amanda, Bastian, and more! Follow Megs on EventBrite here to be notified of future events through the Queer Impact Collective.

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