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OK, so this might become a thing...

I've had so much fun photographing the boring day-to-day things in the last couple of days and it seems that others really enjoy it, too. Not only does it keep my camera active and out of its bag. Not only does it keep my artistic eye sharp. Not only does it give photo-appreciators something to appreciate. BUT. It's also helping with my mood, my attitude, and my presence of mind. When every moment has the potential for beauty, something in my head shifts. Having my camera at the ready in moments both innately significant and moments tedious and repetitive, keeps my eye/heart/mind/whatever in a state of awareness, gratitude, appreciation, and "beauty expectant". So. I'm not sure how often and how long I'll keep this up for, but for now, here are some pictures of an otherwise tedious day during a pandemic in Minnesota.

double mask is the latest & greatest! Try it!

selfies using a 50mm... need to be creative

crystals on the window of my office during this artic blast

onions at El Burrito


... in case you were wondering who is watching...

others' bathrooms

preparing to step outside again..

other people's dogs... Dib!

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