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Not Your Mascot

This evening, I had the honor of attending "Not Your Mascot Victory Dance", hosted by Rock The Tribal Vote. I had another obligation at 6pm, so I couldn't join their entire march or witness their dance, but these are some of the images I captured. Per their event description:

"jiikakamigizi- there is a celebration!

Oškate kte - This victory Celebration takes place on Dakota land.

A March will begin at Little Earth of United Tribes at 5pm, we will march to the US Bank Stadium, where the Victory Dance will begin.

We have been fighting for this moment for a very long, now is the time to come celebrate!

Then we continue the fight, next up-BRAVES>INDIANS>CHIEFS>BLACKHAWKS> No Native Mascots! *from Illuminatives post.

Calling all Jingle Dress Dancers, calling all dancers and singers- come help us celebrate.


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