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Night Photography &... Photography Classes!

Last week, I went out with my partner Adam to teach him photography (aka, shooting in manual mode). But I didn't take it easy on him. We experimented with some night photography. Night photography is like speaking a different language in your head. During the day, we take light for granted and the things that drive my composition are different. However, at night, my mind is 100% focused on light and motion. Where's the light coming from, where is the motion? Another necessary accessary for light photography is a sturdy tripod. Or, if you just want to keep it simple, you can just put your camera on an object and when you click the shutter, have a 2s/5s/10s delay. The other thing about night photography is that there isn't much light coming into the sensor to help develop the image. So it's necessary to keep the shutter open longer (sometimes as long as 30 seconds or more) so that the minimal light that there is will accumulate to an eventually well exposed image.

These were all the things I was educating Adam on. And I think he did pretty well! The following images are a combination of shots taken by him and by me. All editing done by me, though. This is probably a GREAT time to announce that I will be teaching some photography courses this fall through the City of Fridley. Sign up here!

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