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My Mayor is Wonder Woman

Two weeks ago, our mayor Amada Márquez Simula, reached out to me asking if I would be willing to volunteer my time for a photography project.

She explained that when she was in the 2019 Jamboree Parade dressed as Wonder Woman in the Pride parade entry, she met a young girl who LOVED Wonder Woman and they got their picture taken together. Amada later found out that this 4-year-old was fighting cancer.

Amada has been in contact with the family over the last two years and all this time, this little girl was fighting cancer and getting her chemo treatments.

The family contacted Amada and asked if she had a photo of herself dressed as Wonder Woman that she could sign and give to the family to help the little girl celebrate her last chemo treatment. Amada said yes but then contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a full photoshoot so we could share some quality photos with the little girl. I said, yes, yes, yes, let’s do this!

So we went to Kordiak Park and did a photoshoot of Amada as Wonder Woman. We’ve since delivered the pictures to the young cancer fighter and she LOVES them. I’m kind of hoping that as the kiddo recovers, she might be game for a superhero photoshoot WITH Amada! Stay tuned!

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