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Mayor's Town Hall: Hearing from Our Neighbors of Color & Healing Together

Today I had the privilege to volunteer as photographer at Columbia Height's "Mayor's Town Hall: Hearing from Our Neighbors of Color & Healing Together". Here's some information straight from the FB event description. " We have learned a lot as a community in the last year and we are having an event in Columbia Heights for people to hear BIPOC speakers from our community and wider area. This event will help our city grieve the pain of racism and the death of George Floyd. We also will hear how we can support our neighbors of color during the Trial of Derek Chauvin. We hope this event helps us be a city that heals together so we can ensure all people feel welcome and safe in our community.


  • Mayor Amada Marquez Simula - Latina Mayor of Columbia Heights

  • Rev. Lawrence Richardson - Black Pastor

  • Josh Olayiwola - Black School Counselor and Columbia Heights H.S. grad

  • Kiki Latham - Black Community Leader

  • Fred Carter - Black Retired Professor and member of Community United Methodist in Columbia Heights

  • Joe Woods - Black Military Veteran and Heights resident.

  • Jaylani Hussein - Somali American Executive Director of CAIR

  • Jim Bear Jacobs - Native American and Racial Justice Program Director at Minnesota Council of Churches

  • Rev. Dr. Jin Kim - Pastor of Church of All Nations in Columbia Heights

  • Rachel James - a white member of the Multicultural Advisory Committee to the Columbia Heights Police"

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