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Legalize it!

It was nice to be back out on the streets today. Almost 2 weeks ago, I took a road trip to Nashville and was in contact with strangers in public places who didn't take mask-wearing very seriously, so I decided that when I got back to Minnesota, I'd take it easy on public events for two weeks. Basically, I've been self-quarantined for 2 weeks. But my life partner and I got back out today and attended an event called "Loud On The River 5 Cannabis March For Freedom". Per their description:

"Join the local Cannabis Community for our Cannabis March for Freedom.

Prior to the march we will be providing food and information from some of the leading organizations fighting for Cannabis Law reform in Minnesota followed by our 5th

LOUD ON THE RIVER event hosted by Michael Ford and Tom Davison with live music from Casual Confusion and Dj North star and a cruise on the Mississippi River.

11am Meet and Greet Free Food and ticket check-in for Pre-orders

12:30 Cannabis March for Freedom with Special Guest Speaker.

2pm Boat Load for LOTR5

3pm Boat Launch from Harriet Island

5pm return with thank you and wrap up!"

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