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Justice for Travis Jordan

Today I attended a protest in memory of Travis Jordan, a man murdered by the Minneapolis police in November 2018. I highly recommend you read this article to get to know this kind hearted guy. Per the event description:

"Travis Jordan was murdered by the MPD 4th Precinct on November 9th, 2018, during a wellness check. Two rookie officers, Neal Walsh and Ryan Keyes, responded to the call. Instead of saving Travis's life and providing him with the help he needed, they murdered him. Mike Freeman chose not to prosecute the officers involved and justified their use of deadly force.

Travis Jordan should still be alive today living a fulfilling life!

He would have been 38 years old on July 31st. Please join us in celebrating his Heavenly Birthday and demanding justice for him at the MPD 4th Precinct!

We are demanding:

1) Travis’ case be REOPENED along with all other cases.

2) Officers Neal Walsh and Ryan Keyes to be charged and prosecuted for the murder of Travis Jordan.

3) For his belongings to be given back to the family. Mike Freeman refuses to give back Travis’ notebook and black leather bracelet even though the case is closed. This is ILLEGAL.

4) Mental health professionals to be first responders on scene during a mental health crisis, NOT the police. "

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