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July 4th... nay,... Black 4th!

Today I was going to go to a handful of protests but my body and mind weren't up for it,... so I took the morning and afternoon off, reading and spending time with my family. Luckily, I still had time to attend Black 4th, which I am SO glad that I did. From their event description:

"10K “Black 4th” March & Festival




July 4th (SILENT MARCH - LOUD FESTIVAL), This is far from over. We will be marching through the streets of downtown Minneapolis and kneeling together on one of America’s most revered holidays. George Floyd’s case is not over. Breonna Taylor’s has no arrests. After the march there will be a huge art installation revealed in their honor.


July 4th we are expected to celebrate America’s independence. We would like to come together in a push for true sovereignty and solidarity. This march will be silent but powerful. We will come together on a national holiday that puts so much emphasis on the American flag and all the values it claims to represent.


10K Foundation

7pm (July 4th, 2020)

Meeting Location: US Bank Stadium

Kneeling Locations: US Bank Stadium, First Avenue, Federal Reserve, Stone Arch Bridge

Preferred Attire: All Black

Activities: Food, DJ, Live Music, Fireworks, Art Installation

Public Health: Wear a mask, PPE supplies available"

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