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July 3rd: Protests & Rallies

Today I took the morning off... sort of... getting caught up on emails and the like. Connected with my partner and talked about focusing on a balance between social justice efforts and self-care. One product of that brainstorm session is that 1) I'm going to move my daily social justice events announcement from my personal Facebook account to my photography Facebook account so that I can schedule them in advance and not have to manually queue them up every morning and 2) I'm going to try to limit my blog posts sharing pics/info about protests and rallies to once a week instead of daily.

That said, just wanna share about the events I attended today!

First I went to "(You)th Will Rise March". Per their event description:

"(You)th Will Rise March is youth focused. We welcome all-ages to march with us.

As Black youth and POC youth, we have walked through the flames of trauma with police brutality and racism all while still being expected to go school and work to support ourselves and our families. This march celebrates our perseverance through it all during the time of CoVID and in solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement!

We will begin our march at East River Flats Park, walk to the Stone Arch Bridge, and end at Father Hennepin Bluff Park. At the end of our march we will be greeted with a celebration including food from local food trucks and performances from musicians and spoken-word artists.

Contact for any questions and to see how you can help make this march the best it can be.

Please wear your GRADUATION CAPS (robes optional) and PROTECTIVE FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED! We want to ensure everyone stays safe as we are still admits a pandemic. Sanitation stations will be set up at our destination. LASTLY, PLEASE SHARE! THIS WILL BE A MONUMENTAL EVENT."

Lastly, I went to "Hopkins March Solidarity" led by Justice Squad. Per their event description:

"Tomorrow’s march is to have the suburbs aware of the inequality of black lives of all nationalities as well as police brutality. We will meet in the parking lot of Maetzold Field at 6:30PM and will march to Hopkins city hall where we will sit down and have speakers talk about injustices, police involved murders, policy changes, getting rid of SROs and ways to help the community."

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