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Farmer's Market a la Pandemic

This weekend I wandered. I love wandering. I think I always have, but I realized it for sure when I began to travel a lot with Dave Warnock last year. Arriving to a new city, jumping on a bus, stopping wherever I fancy. It was so fun to explore cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Austin, and Kansas City in 2019.

But I always remember that novelty and adventure doesn't require a plane. So this weekend I just drove around, looking for interesting things. I ran into the farmer's market on Lyndale and 94. I decided to wander there. I love farmer's markets. The more eccentric the vendor, the more likely I will give them money, but that's a whole other problem of mine.

I walked around and took pics of this strange occurrence: farmer's market during a pandemic. At the end of the hour, a woman started following me and recording me on her cell phone. I tried to get out of her way, but she kept following me. So I decided to head out. And she kept following me. After a block, I guess she gave up. But that freaked me out. Perhaps she was pissed I was taking pictures of people and decided to passive-aggressively teach me a lesson? I dunno. Didn't work, though.

So here's a few of my favorite pics from my time at the farmer's market!

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