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Columbia Heights: Music In The Park

Honestly? I'm still tuckered out from all that partying at National Night Out. But tonight I (mostly) finished a video project that I've been working on, so I was excited to get out again, see my neighbors, and capture some Moments (tm) on my camera. I hadn't been to Music In The Park before, so I didn't know how much of a crowd it would draw. There was probably at least a hundred people there. I saw a lot of friends and made a lot of new friends!

Started chatting with this kiddos' mom, owner of Nixta Tortilleria in Minneapolis. I had to ask her to repeat the name a few times because the word I am most familiar with is "mixta" which is what they call tacos in Culiacán, México. Man, I miss those tacos and Tony's taco stand. Anyways, on with the pictures.

Ran into Mayor Simula Marquez who offered me these delicious cheese curds from the Café Cairo food truck. I did not eat any but that's cuz I made amazing homemade grilled cheeses earlier that night. And they were fancy AF and my tummy was all kinds of full. But I'm back to talking about food. So let's move on.

Two kiddos holding hands while they danced to the music.

Mayor Simula Marquez and City Councilmember (left) Buesgens. Not sure who the other person is, but I'm pretty sure they need to be my friend, too.

A dancing moment caught in action.

The die-hard photographer in me sees the die-hard photographer in you, my friend.

The kids "come a little bit closer" to the stage for this song.

AMAZING singer of Mama No and the Yes Men.

Our very own Scott Skaja on the drums!

Drummers always seem so happy. Do you think it's because they have a positive outlet for their anger? Should I play the drums?

Toddling, cute kiddo drinking out of the Batman water bottle. I love everything about it.

OK. This moment KILLS me. I walked by this family and saw mom teaching her kid how to snap. I BEGGED her to let me take a picture. Thank you, my friend. This was such a sweet moment.

Because chairs suck.

Well, not all chairs suck.

This bebe made me question myself. The doubting face. It sees into my soul.

Even while doing his daily stretches, they take time to judge me openly with that eyebrow.

OK, nevermind, we good.

Friends, I'm sorry I didn't prepare you for this, but this is a chicken. This is a chicken. A chicken.

... still a chicken.

Mama NoNo and the Yes Men. SUCH a great band! I asked Mayor Simula Marquez about whether CoHi would be getting some other types of bands to perform, perhaps some that represent the varied origins and heritage of the community. She excitedly told me that they're going to be trying to get more variety next summer; however, THIS summer, all the bands have Columbia Heights roots. That's right. Scott Skaja on the drums!

I feel like this one is excellent on its own without my commentary.

Great band. Great night. So much connecting, chatting, picture taking, and community building. Thanks CoHi. See you at the next event!

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