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Columbia Heights Centennial

Yesterday I popped over to Huset Park to document the Centennial festivities. It definitely did not disappoint. Along with the live music, food trucks, dunk tanks and more, I, personally, had an amazing time. Wasn't ready to leave when all the booths were packing up. I spent a lot of my time stopping to talk to politicians I had become friends with, neighbors, people I'd met through the Front Step project, or people I had met in anti-racism groups. This event made me realize how embedded in and connected to my community I have become. I felt/feel so deeply grateful. Hard to miss how it effected the images I took and how I edited them.

From the Facebook event: "The City of Columbia Heights turns 100! Help say happy birthday at this family-friendly event full of fun activities for everyone to enjoy! Join your fellow residents at Huset Park East just south of 40th Ave off of Jefferson St NE, 11 am to 2 pm, July 17. There will be musical acts, carnival and yard games for kids, free treats and cake, cold brew coffee, appearances from City representatives (some of them in the dunk tank!), and more!"

Senator Mary Kunesh-Podein

Columbia Heights Mayor Amada Simula Marquez

City Council members John Murzyn and KT Jacobs

Proud First Gentleman

Senator Kunesh-Podein acknowledging the land ownership

Anoka County Commissioner Mandy Meisner

Living to the fullest with cotton candy on your mouth.

Watching the dunk tank

Live Music: Earle Harrison

My eyes are always drawn to the people behind the scenes.

Playing bingo!

I love the concentration on the face :)

Looks like cotton candy but it's all cheese.

Live life to the fullest, my small human friend.

Live Music: LoverCraft

City Council member KT Jacobs about to go in the dunk tank

She absolutely did not antagonize the crowd... LOL

Our amazing City staff, manning the dunk tank

I am not sure this was a legal move.


Malcolm Watson, Chaplain at Fridley American Legion

Grabbing some noms.

Mayor Simula Marquez getting out of the dunk tank.

In she goes again!

She was also totally not antagonizing the crowd. Nope.

Mayor's husband proud of his throwing arm. :D

Mayor isn't even out of the tank and the next pitch is getting ready.

Dancing souls!

This kid was KICKING IT.

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