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"Bob KKKroll Must Go! Solidarity Rally for Justice"

Yesterday I attended a rally outside the police union office in Minneapolis. I'll let their event description speak for itself:

"Minneapolis Police Federation President, Bob Kroll, refuses to resign, so we must continue to apply pressure. He is a danger to the health, safety, and wellbeing of Minneapolis residents because of his own violent history as a Minneapolis police officer; as well as his repeated public support for killer cops. Bob Kroll has had seven lawsuits filed against him and dozens of complaints for excessive force, including one incident in which he assaulted a bi-racial teenage boy. It is hard to believe that he is still on the Minneapolis police force and that he still has a peace officer license. He represents everything that is wrong with the Minneapolis police department. Source:

Bob Kroll was selected by the rank and file of Minneapolis Police to be their representative and spokesperson through the police union. Kroll has called police officers who have killed people “heroic”, has called Black Lives Matter a “terrorist organization”, and recently called the cops on a Black reporter from the Washington Post, despite being married to reporter, Liz Collin of WCCO. Bob Kroll also initially expressed public support for the officers who brutally killed George Floyd, calling into question his fitness to lead Minneapolis police officers.

Several local unions have demanded that Bob Kroll resign. (Source:

It is clear that it is beyond time for new leadership that prioritizes the safety of Minneapolis residents above protecting killer cops and creating more acrimony and division. It is clear that Bob Kroll must go! Please join us in calling for his immediate resignation."

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