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A Photogenic Day

I woke up today with a lot on my mind. I've been on social media detox for 7 days and it's... simply said, been needed. My mind has been telling me a bunch of stuff it's been trying to say since I was nine years old.

This week I've been having fun at home, taking pics of what I'm up to and then... sharing them with no one. Well, this blog post is an exception. Please allow me to tell you a little about my last couple of days.

I am trying to move towards a more vegan diet when feasible. So yesterday I made these cauliflower tacos with yum yum sauce. Since I hate cooking blogs and their endless exposition, I'll simply move on to the picture:

Then today, I made apples with drizzled PB and shredded vegan chocolate:

At home, I found a few artistic juxtapositional moments:

Since the pandemic started, I've been going on a weekly walk with my buddy Joel. Today on the way to our walk, I saw a rally in the parking lot of my local Ace hardware in Columbia Heights. Curious about it and with my camera in tow, I captured a few moments of the "Free Palestine" protest. The organizations I saw in print were and

Running late, I scurried away and started my walk with Joel. Here are some of the beautiful moments I captured:

Yup. Not a lot of text in this blog, I know. Sometimes I just want to linger wordlessly on my photos. I hope you enjoyed these. The way I see them is that they are a byproduct of the experience of living mindfully and appreciating all the wonder this world holds.

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